Mali PT-76

Source: Associated Press

The photographs in this article show a single Mali PT-76 amphibious light tank [1] reportedly outside the presidential palace in Mali capital, Bamako, in late March 2012 following a military coup.

There are a number of online references indicating that Mali had received a small number of PT-76 from an unknown source.  These photographs provided the first pictorial confirmation of this type in Mali.

The author observes that this particular example may represent an early production PT-76 (mod 1951), based upon the distinctive multi-slotted muzzle brake and lack of fume extractor on the D-56T 76.2 mm gun barrel.  This model was only produced between 1952-1957 and not widely exported.[2]

Source: Associated Press

Evidence of markings are visible on the hull sides.  Based upon other Mali armoured vehicles these consist of a six figure number “00xxxx” with the “AMA” (Armée Malienn), possibly accompanied by a small national flag.

Source: Associated Press
[1] PT-76 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PT-76 (accessed 27/12/2012)
[2] Previous known operators are: USSR (including possible use by successor states), Cuba (including use in Angola), Laos and Cambodia.

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