Yemen M113

The government of Yemen received a number of M113 APC via US aid to support internal security and counter terrorist operations.   

An initial delivery of 32 M113 (versions unknown) occurred in 2006 (SIPRI) as part of a US aid package.   Recently leaked diplomatic cables (via Wikileaks) dated late 2008 indicate that the US sought to supply further M113 to Yemen.   However due to lack of available US stocks requests were sent out to other M113 operators in the region to check feasibility and availability for  third party transfers to Yemen.  The outcome of these requests is unknown.

Some sources suggest that Yemen has been an operator of the M113 in large numbers since the late 1970s, however I cannot verify this.

2011 (Arab Spring) Uprising

In late March 2011 at least three individual M113 were deploying to guard the Yemeni Central Bank in Sana’a to counter protesters.

These vehicles had a number of apparent modifications.  In the rear crew compartment three visor blocks were installed on each side, along with firing ports under them.   What appears to be a DSK(M) heavy machine guns has been installed and the associated firing position partial enclosed by protective plating with vision blocks.  Razor/Barbed wire also surrounds the top of the vehicles, a feature seen on some other Yemeni army vehicles during the uprising.

North Yemen Shia Insurgency (2004 -)

A number of Yemeni Government M113 have been either captured or destroyed in recent years during the Shia Insurgency in Northern Yemen, led by the Houthis group (Al-Shabab al Mumin)

The following images have  captured from three seperate videos  (hence the quality) believed taken by the Houthis group:


A captured M113, possibly a very early production model (thin headlight guard), operated by Houthis fighters in 2008.  The banner on the front of the vehicle displays their motto which translates to " God Is the Greatest. Death to America. Death to Israel, a Curse on the Jews.  Victory to Islam


An immobilised M113 in 2009.  Houthis fighters again displaying their motto.


M113 found by Houthis fighters having captured Yemeni army base in the mountains in September 2009.

South Yemen insurgency (2009-)

The Yemeni government has also faced violence a further insurgency in the South, relating to a renewed separatism in the form of the "Southern Movement".

Reportedly taken in 2011 in the Southern town of Ja’ar this “Northen Yemeni”(assumed Government) M113 is shown after being reportedly being immobilised by RPG rounds, note the destroyed front left hand drive sprocket, road wheels and track.   Those personnel alive inside surrendered and the vehicle was then totally destroyed.

Any further information or pictures relating to M113s in Yemen would be greatly appreciated.

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